zea hyungsik and 4 minute jihyun real couple?

On tvN’s ‘Sunday N tvN – The Romantic and Idol’ (short for Romantic Idol), Park Hyungsik (ZE:A) and Nam JiHyun (4minute) were seen forming a pink atmosphere. (T/N: lovable, affectionate atmosphere)

On the 9th, according to ‘Romantic Idol’ production side, Park Hyungsik and Nam JiHyun has gone on their 3rd date on this episode today. Perfectly choosing each other as dating partners, everyone were in amazement. The two of them first chose to meet at the same venue, followed by necklace, and now, successfully choosing each other once again on clothing style.

Previously, representative of ‘Romantic Idol’ has expressed, “Nam JiHyun and Park Hyungsik who had already expressed likes for each other, are more real as compared to other couples, and their dates were romantic as well,” which has lead to high anticipation from the audience.


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