shinee onew and block b b bomb maknae birthday

SHINee‘s Onew and Block B‘s B-Bomb celebrated their birthdays!

Onew turned 23 and B-Bomb turned 22 when it turned midnight on December 14th KST, and fans and friends alike rushed to wish them a happy birthday. Onew’s fans trended the “#HappyOnewDay” trend on Twitter, which shot its way up to #1 on the ‘Worldwide Trending List’. After School‘s Jungah also rushed to wish Onew a happy birthday, writing, “Jingki Jingki Jingki Jinki Happy birthday~~^^.”

Block B’s Taeil also took immediately to Twitter to wish his fellow member a happy birthday, tweeting, “Happy happy birthday to Lee Min Hyuk,” and then again tweeting to B-Bomb to write, “Happy birthday >.<.” In both cases, he uploaded photos, attaching a jureumi (a character that has recently become popular on the internet) version of Block B in the first tweet and then a screencap of Minhyuk wearing a rather scanty outfit in the second. Block B fans also took to trend #BBombSelcaKingDay, which ranked right below Onew’s trend at #2.

B-Bomb also went to go see a movie with Taeil and P.O for his birthday, and tweeted a photo with the words, “I just watched a movie with Taeil and Jihoon for my birthday! keke”

Happy birthday to both Onew and B-Bomb!


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