cn blue jonghyun show guy side

CNBLUE‘s Jonghyun showed off his tough side on ‘Go Show‘ in attempts to be cast by the MCs as the member with the manliest charms.

On the episode, he confessed, “I’m more of a man of action rather than a man of words.”

He explained, “I can’t stand it when I see an unjust situation. One day, I was walking out of my dorms, and I saw a guy hit a woman’s cheek. No matter what, it doesn’t make sense for a guy to hit a woman. I sent her on her way and stopped the guy. On another day, an elderly was getting pushed around by a young man. I ran over and intercepted the young man and told him to stop.”

When asked if he ever runs into trouble after jumping into such situations, Jonghyun revealed that the other person usually just stops and goes on his way. The MCs decided to figure out why the other person just gives up and doesn’t try to pick a fight by reenacting one of the scenes to study Jonghyun’s reaction.

With Yoon Jong Shin playing the elderly man and Jung Hyung Don playing the young man picking on him, Jonghyun walked up to Jung Hyung Don and grabbed his wrists with a steely look in his eyes. Maintaining his intense gaze, he asked Jung Hyung Don if he thought his actions were wrong. The MCs immediately noticed the singer’s cold gaze and remarked that if they were the person Jonghyun had stopped, they would also be easily subdued by him with just his gaze.


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