shinsandong tiger poke fun zea kwanghee

Shinsadong Tiger took a jab at ZE:A‘s Kwanghee‘s comical image recently bringing laughs as well as ruffling a few feathers.

He had mentioned ZE:A in his tweet and wrote, “Are you not going to have activities for “Beautiful Lady“??– It’s such a good song..– But if you’re going to promote it, you have to do it secretly without Kwanghee because otherwise it’s too difficult to get into the song heh.”

His comment had many chuckling along, but also gained a bit of criticism from Kwanghee’s fans, who felt the producer’s comment about the idol was uncalled for.

ZE:A’s label was quick to explain, “The two are so close, so he said it as a joke. Kwanghee probably agrees with his comment too. Even though we’re not promoting ‘Beautiful Lady’, we’re getting a great response, so we’re very happy.“


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