yg for plans 2013

YG Entertainment is expecting an even bigger and better 2013 with an estimated 30-40% increase in sales.

Through a financial report, some of the details of the agency’s upcoming plans were revealed to insiders in finances.

One financial analyst gave a bit away as he commented, “A new girl group’s debut will take place in the first half of next year at YG, and Big Bang is expected to have a comeback in the fall. As this will be the agency’s first girl group in four years, it is significant… Compared to 2013, the agency expects to record a 30-40% growth in sales, and operating profits are also expected to jump 2-3% in points.”

He further added, “The sales for the last half of 2013 is expected to be about the same or even more than the first half… Psy will be releasing an album in the U.S. around February and March, and his world tour can be looked forward to. There will be a YG Family concert and also 2NE1‘s concert in the summer. ‘Superstar K1‘s Kang Seung Yoon will also be making his debut.”

The analyst expects that if Psy continues his success next year, and the agency continues to work with endorsers like they did with Samsung for Big Bang’s tour this year, YGE will be seeing a great increase in sales and more profitable cooperations.

Which of these upcoming 2013 plans are you most excited about?


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