yonghwa cn blue ideal type kim yuna

On the December 14th episode of SBS‘ ‘Go Show‘, CNBLUE‘s Yonghwa revealed his ideal type to be none other than figure skater Kim Yuna.

Yonghwa shared, “I like Kim Yuna.” MC Go Hyun Jung then asked, “Why do you like her?” to which Yonghwa stated, “I like her because I feel like I can learn something from her. Of course, her visuals are good, and I really like her eyes.”

Yonghwa then sent out a video message to Kim Yuna and said, “Yuna shi. I am always watching you. It seems like we’ve never met but I hope to meet you on a broadcast [one day]. I am a fan.”

Fellow member Minhyuk also revealed his ideal type to be Kim Tae Hee and stated, “I’ve never met her in person so I wouldn’t know. I only look at the eyes. Even when I only watch her on TV, I fall into her eyes. I would like to meet her in person.” Jungshin also confessed, “[My ideal type is] Lee Bo Young who I’m filming a drama with. Her face is pale and she has a mysterious charm about her which makes me curious to know what she’s thinking.”

Yonghwa also showed off his talent of impressions by hilariously imitating the voices of Fly to the Sky‘s Hwanhee, Wheesung, Supreme Team‘s Simon D, and F.T. Island‘s Hongki.


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