mblaq sing ost king of drama

Idol group MBLAQ to reinforce “King of Dramas.”

MBLAQ participates in the OST for SBS’s mini-series drama “King of Dramas” (Screenplay by Jang Hang-joon and Lee Ji Hyo, Directed by Hong Sung Chang, and Produced by SSD Golden Pictures). MBLAQ’s “Because it’s Heaven” OST was broadcast on the 17th during the 13th episode.

“Because It’s Heaven” comprises of MBLAQ’s explosive vocals which are distinctive and faster-beated to further heighten the fast-paced suspense in “King of Dramas.” While “Keep In Your Heart” and “Blind for Love” added a more bright and loving atmosphere, “Because It’s Heaven” will heighten the sense of urgency/suspense.

A representative of “King of Dramas” OST explained “It’s a fast-paced song blended with rap that will allow for more tension/suspense to be added in during conflicting scenes of the drama. The feeling of MBLAQ’s distinct charm in the song can be differentiated between the other two existing songs.”

MBLAQ’s “Because It’s Heaven” is set to release on the 18th at 9:55PM KST.


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