suzy conversation with ideal type men

Suzy shared a brief conversation with actor Ian Somerhalder on Twitter.

Suzy had previously confessed multiple times that her ideal type was Ian Somerhalder, and the pair had shared Twitter conversations before.

The conversation occurred when Suzy tweeted a photo of cherry pits and stalks, Iam Somerhalder replied to her and asked,

@missa_suzy the questions is:can you tie them? 😉

— ian somerhalder (@iansomerhalder) December 20, 2012

He was alluding to the well-known saying about being a good kisser if you could tie cherry stalks in a knot with your tongue. Not one to back off, Suzy replied,

@iansomerhalder It’s very easy.…

— 숮이 (@missA_suzy) December 20, 2012

She didn’t mention if she did it with her tongue or by hand, but the conversation amused fans anyway, who wrote, “You two are so cute!“, “He’s asking if you’re a good kisser…“, and “I don’t know who to be jealous of“.


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