Girls’ Generation members talk about Sun’s marriage + dating

The members of Girls’ Generation talked about dating and getting married in a recent interview with Sports Seoul.

When asked, “Shouldn’t you be in relationships by now?“, they answered, “For some reason, people find us difficult to approach. On talk shows, girl group members are asked how many people asked them out. When we hear their answers, we think, ‘What’s wrong with us?’. We’re really curious how people are introduced to each other and how they contact each other. Apparently the worst women in the world are the busy women.”

The girls revealed that they keep themselves from getting lonely by making their own bar at home. Sooyoung said, “Even when we’re in foreign countries, we have our pictures taken, so we just eat by ourselves. We get together when we’re done for the day, and we drink the entire night sometimes. We order take-out and sometimes wherever we’re staying will make us food.” Seohyun confessed, “The people that don’t turn red (Alcohol flush reaction) no matter how much they drink are YoonA, Tiffany, and Hyoyeon. The person that drinks the best is Sunny unni. Recently, she even drank kaoliang liquor.” Hyoyeon added, “Everyone gets in the mood, but no one really drinks that much“. Tiffany also added, “We play a lot of games. There’s a time where we’ve even played until 4AM.”

For over a year now, the girls have stopped living together in the dorm together. Their families all moved near their dorms, so almost everyone went back to live with their family. However, sometimes they will meet up at the dorms all together to eat late at night. Yuri said, “Even when we lived together, I didn’t have my own room. But I think we’re the most comfortable here. I just find myself back at the dorm. Our small happiness is to order midnight snacks together. We eat a lot like chicken, pizza, junk food, pork, and Chinese food. Why don’t we lose weight? Have you seen our choreography for this album? That’s the reason!”

When the topic of Sun‘s marriage was brought up, Seohyun said, “If one of us met someone who she loved that much, then we have to congratulate her“. However, Taeyeon added, “But he has to go through 8 judges. Everyone has to give them a pass before they can get married.”

Sooyoung revealed that she had met Sun’s fiance before, saying, “I thought it’d be possible for Sun to get married while she was promoting because she had such a good boyfriend. I met him, and he was such a good person. Wouldn’t it be possible for us if we meet good people as well?”

Tiffany also expressed her wish for all 9 of them to meet up later on when they’re all married. She said, “Recently, I saw the Spice Girls meeting up together with children, husbands, and close friends. After I saw that, we said that we would like to meet up later on like the Spice Girls did. I think we’d be really happy.”


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