SECRET to return with all 4 members for the ’27th Golden Disk Awards’

SECRET fans should be relieved to hear that Zinger has made a full recovery after the group’s unfortunate car accident late last month.

TS Entertainment announced on January 10th, “Zinger has been focusing on recovering and getting rest. The hospital has declared her fully recovered, so she will be joining SECRET at the ’27th Golden Disk Awards’, and show her healthy self.”

The agency continued, “As a member who raps and works hard with choreography, Zinger missed the stage very much. However, since the first performance she will be returning with is a significant event, the ’27th Golden Disk Awards’, the members of SECRET and, more than anyone, Zinger herself, are extremely happy.”

They revealed that Zinger will be featured in her own solo performance, and that there will be collaborative performance with labelmates B.A.P as well!

In related news, ‘27th Golden Disk Awards‘ will take place on January 15th and 16th in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

We’re glad to hear of Zinger’s recovery and are looking forward to her return!


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