nine muses return with full nine member this month

‘Model idols’ Nine Muses will be making a comeback, liked rumored previously, as a full nine-member group!

Star Empire broke the news on the 10th with the statement, “Nine Muses will be releasing a new mini album on the 24th and returning to the domestic music scene… With new member Son Sung-Ah joining, they will promote as a nine member group.”

This is their first official release in 10 months since ‘Ticket‘, and the title track of the new album is their 4th collaboration with hit producing team, Sweetune.

With the news about the group returning, interest is rising for the group who hasn’t promoted with nine members since their debut days, having gone through a change in members. This is their first time promoting as a nine-member group in three years.

Sung-Ah has already revealed herself to fans a few times as she has been spotted in various photos and appeared at unofficial events.

The agency added, “Sung-Ah is a someone who had prepared for debut with the Nine Muses members back then… Nine Muses, who has become nine members once again, are currently working hard with their new music, so please look forward to them.”


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