jaejoong birth name

Oh Seo Jin, the birth mother of JYJ‘s Jaejoong revealed the story behind her having to be separated from her son.

She was a guest on the January 11th episode of the new TV Chosun program ‘Persevering Life‘ and on the program she said, “I met with Jaejoong after he debuted. He knew that he had a birth mother. When I called him on the phone before we met, he said, ‘Let’s not cry when we meet’, and it was really like that. He didn’t hate me, but he heard what I had to say and understood the situation I was under.”

She also had problems while she was trying to prove their relationship. She said, “One day, I got an accusation from the Military Manpower Association. Apparently my son broke an enlistment law. Jaejoong’s real name was Han Jae Joon, and I was asked if I was Han Jae Joon’s mother. I told them that he was in Japan because it was when Jaejoong was active as a member of TVXQ in Japan, and they asked me how he could go to Japan when he was a wanted man. The mix-up apparently happened because Jaejoong had two family registrations, one from his birth parents and one from his adoptive parents.”

Afterwards, she filed to confirm her relationship with Jaejoong for a period of 2 years. She said, “It was eventually confirmed that he was my birth son, but the parents that raised him probably felt saddened. Also, articles came up saying that Jaejoong’s birth mother came out only to request money. Jaejoong fans would tell me to die and that I was not a person. Even though I was his mother, but I became Jaejoong’s Achilles’ heel. His personal life was revealed to the public, so I became a burden.“


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