2PM’s Jun.K celebrates his 25th birthday

2PM‘s Jun.K celebrated his 25th birthday!

Jun.K turned 25 on January 15th, so as soon as the clock hit midnight in Korea, Hottests helped trend #Jun2daBday for the 2PM member.

Not only so, but JYP Entertainment congratulated him on Twitter, tweeting a photo and writing, “[Happy Birthday Jun. K ♥] January 15th, today is 2PM Jun.K’s birthday! Congratulate him, clap clap clap^^Today is 2PM Jun. K’s Birthday! Congrats^^“. They also mentioned him directly and wrote,

Happy Birthday @jun2dakay ! 🙂

— JYPnation (@jypnation) January 14, 2013

Jun.K thanked JYP Entertainment by writing, “Keke. Wow, thanks. But the picture is really…;;“. He also thanked his fans in Fukuoka for preparing a cake and a surprise birthday song for him.

Happy birthday to Jun.K!


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