Boyfriend’s music video for “I Yah” stirs controversy

Boyfriend‘s music video for “I Yah” has been swept up in controversy as netizens debate whether or not the music video is promoting violence.

The music video was directed by Zany Bros, who also filmed INFINITE-H‘s “Fly High“, Girls’ Generation‘s “I Got A Boy“, SECRET‘s “Talk That“, and much more. “I Yah” tells the story of an innocent school love story, and has been gaining much love because of its sweet story.

However, some are criticizing the music video because it glamorizes school violence and students skipping school. Viewers commented, “The video looks nice, but it’s beautifying school violence“, “It looks like they’re supporting students skipping school and the dangerous motorcycle scenes isn’t helping matters“, and “This may have a negative influence on the youth“.

Others have argued that it’s just a music video and that some people are looking too much into it.

Even though there were many instances of music videos portraying school violence and youth riding on motorcycles, it seems that netizens are more sensitive about the subject of school violence because of the high popularity of the currently-running drama ‘School 2013‘.


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