CNBLUE to play live for comeback stages

Idol band CNBLUE will be coming up with the best live comeback performance ever!

CNBLUE released its 4th mini album ‘Re:blue’ on January 14th, featuring the modern rock title song, “I’m Sorry”. According to FNC Entertainment, the group is preparing for the best live performance for their comeback.

Their agency stated, “CNBLUE will make their comeback stages this week with all-live performances. Among the three broadcasting channels, two are set to pre-record in order to provide the live sound, and the remaining one is also in the process of negotiation.”

CNBLUE and many other bands were having difficulties with live performances, because of limited amount of time given to them, and absence of necessary sound equipments. However, CNBLUE has a big thirst and great passion for performing live so they invested a great amount of budget in sound system and equipment installation.

FNC added, “It’s true the members were distressed for being misunderstood about their musicality and skills, when it was due to circumstances unrelated to their own will. They are expected to able to share their thirst for live performances through this comeback.”


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