Girls’ Generation reveals rankings of their bare faces on ‘Hello’

Girls’ Generation members have revealed their ranking of their faces without make-up (bare faces).

During the recent filming of KBS-2TV talk show ‘Hello’, Girls’ Generation revealed truths about their bare faces.

On that day, the MC asked, “Which member looks most different with and without make-up?” and the members gave their answers while saying “She’s pretty”.

However, Hyoyeon added, “I like my face after make-up”, making the entire studio burst into laughter. Upon hearing Hyoyeon’s unexpected answer, Girls’ Generation started their discussion on the topic of bare faces.

MC Lee Young-Ja said, “We have received information that Sunny looks different with and without make-up.” Sunny answered, “I have 2 modes, one being Girls’ Generation’s Sunny and another being Soonkyu.”

Sunny continued her story, “When the Soonkyu mode is on, my hair is tied backwards and even my members say that I look like a man.” She also revealed that members who live together with her were shocked.

Tiffany continued, “After getting her short haircut, Sunny looks more boyish now.”

This episode of ‘Hello’ will be aired on January 14th, 11.15pm KST.


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