Some viewers demand Oh Yeon Seo leave ‘We Got Married’

Some viewers demanded that Oh Yeon Seo leave ‘We Got Married‘.

The ‘We Got Married’ episode that aired this past weekend on the 12th showed Oh Yeon Seo explaining to Lee Joon about her scandal with Lee Jang Woo. The scene was very emotional as she poured her heart out and said, “The rumors aren’t true. We’re just close friends,” crying as she explained herself to Lee Joon.

However, some of the viewers have not changed their opinion of the actress being on the show. They had complained how uncomfortable they were watching the pair on TV, and their stance didn’t change after she explained herself. Some of the complaints include, “Doesn’t she know her image gets worse and worse when she comes out on this (show)?“, “As a celebrity, she needs to take responsibility for what she said and did“, and “I used to support Oh Yeon Seo, but I don’t want to watch this program anymore“.

Do you think some of the viewers are overreacting?


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