YoonA and Hyoyeon’s dish ‘I Curry Boy’

Girls’ Generation‘s dish, ‘I Curry Boy‘ became the 20th menu item on ‘Happy Together 3‘.

YoonA and Hyoyeon teamed up together to introduce ‘I Curry Boy’, a dish where they broke up the traditional kimbap and used curry powder as a spice to make fried rice. The menu consists merely curry powder, water, and kimbap. The kimbap are broken apart in a frying pan, and then fried with curry and water.

YoonA explained that the dish was derived from kimbap because they had a lady who always made them kimbap to eat as they came and went from their dorms. One day, they had gotten hungry and noticed they had curry powder, so they decided to mix it up and ended up making a delicious dish.

The menu gained great reviews from everyone in the panel and from the guests, earning it the privilege of becoming the 20th recorded dish on the menu of ‘Happy Together’.


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