yoona shocked when heard scandal with psy

YoonA talked about her scandal with Psy.

YoonA was a guest on the January 17th episode of ‘Happy Together 3‘. On the show, the subject of her “secret affair” with Psy that was reported by a Hong Kong Newspaper was brought up.

She said, “I couldn’t believe it. I felt so bad for Psy and his wife. If it was a normal scandal, I could have dealt with it, but I was so shocked because he was rumored to be cheating on his wife even though he has a family.”

She explained, “While I was filming ‘Running Man‘, someone took a photo of me and the camera PD who apparently looks like Psy oppa, and then used that photo to make it look like we were dating but they don’t even look alike. If I knew his number, I would have sent a text message to Psy oppa.” When asked about how she discovered the new, she said, “I learned about the news while I was in Japan, and when I came back to Korea, there were reporters waiting in the airport. I thought about doing the horse dance in front of them, but I figured that might make the rumors even worse, so I contained myself“, causing the others to laugh.


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