kim jaejoong blockbuster

The title song of Kim Jaejoong’s solo album has been revealed.

On the 17th at midnight, the music video of ‘MINE’, the title song of Kim Jaejoong’s first solo album, was uploaded on JYJ’s official Youtube channel, announcing the beginning of the singer’s solo career.
Kim Jaejoong’s agency C-JeS Entertainment confidently stated, “We can say with certainty that this will be the most sensational music video of the year.”

Regarding the music video, C-JeS stated, “The best staff have come together and amplified the power of the music,” and “The music video was shot for a full 60 hours, and Kim Jaejoong received praise from the staff for his high level of concentration to create the best scenes for the video.”
Nothing was held back as a large-scale set was prepared for his solo career. A representative stated, “The most advanced filming equipment and CG was used to create a top-class quality video. The team used snakes, crows and owls as symbolic images and created a story that differentiates it from other music videos,” and “We used a camera that can film up to 5300 frames to capture every expression Kim Jaejoong showed on his face, and we even captures]d the dust flying from the animals and chains with the best cameras available.”

He continued to add, “The set itself was very big. The width and length of the main set was 25m, and the height was 10m. A total of 7 sets were created for the music video, creating a blockbuster-scale video.”
Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong will release his first solo mini album ‘MINE’ on the 17th.


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