snsd member worries in sketchbook

On January 15, during “Younha’s Starry Night” radio program, SNSD Jessica, Yoona, Hyo Yeon and Soo Young appeared on the show and shared many stories.

On that day, the girls shared their worries. Soo Young said, “Too skinny is my worry. Yoona is the same” and added, “Although I’m fine with it but other people around me feel worried for me. That’s why I want to gain weight a bit”. Yoona also shared, “It’s just saying, if I can’t make it happen, I’m more stressful”.

Then Jessica shared about herself: “More and more people use appearance to guess a person’s personality. That’s why I can’t open my heart… so I’m so worried”. She added, “I appeared to be little cold so people gave me the nickname ‘ice princess’, I keep wondering what should I do”.

Other members consoled her, “Because you are too gorgeous to the public”, “How can a person who don’t understand me see me well”, “Jessica is very modest. She often does aegyo and hate the fake. She is really frank and easygoing”.


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