disabled man share photo with jessica snsd

A disabled male fan shared his story when he met Girls’ Generation Jessica at “Legally Blonde” musical and it has become a hot topic.

He uploaded the photos shown above with a post,”I have been thinking a lot before uploading this, but because Jessica’s heart is so beautiful so I decided to share this.”

He wrote,”I rely on a wheelchair because I’m diabled. I’m a fan of Jessica. I had been continuously gone to Jessica’s musical so that I can see her. But one day after the stage ended, a staff came to me and said,”Jessica would like to meet you, would you like to see her?”. At first I thought I heard it wrong. I have never once thought that I would have a chance to meet one-on-one with Jessica in my life, but this opportunity suddenly came to me.”,”After the show ended, the staff led me to the standby room, and I met Jessica. I was like seeing an angel. My heart was beating very fast, and a whole of my body was trembling. Because I was too nervous so I was only able to say “Thank you” “.

The fan also added,”Jessica said “Thank you” to me and she took a photo with me. Actually I had many things to say to her but because of I was so nervous so I didn’t say anything at that time”, expressing his regret. he also said because of her usual cold image so Jessica has been misunderstood by many people, but she’s actually a warm person.


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