Psy and Girls’ Generation listed on Fuse’s Most Anticipated Albums of 2013

Fuse TV featured their 44 Most Anticipated Albums of 2013 rankings, and the two k-pop names having made the list has once again proven k-pop’s spread around the world.

Fuse TV explained their choices, commenting on Girls’ Generation: “The group is in talks with Interscope Records to release an American version of their latest Korean album though a date, title, and track details are undecided. If a nine-member Korean group making it in the U.S. sounds like a stretch remember two members are from America! Yet we think most will react like David Letterman — with nine women writhing in front of them, he looked like he could barely control himself!”

As for PSY, Fuse TV commented: “He has global appeal now, but Psy has expressed he wants to release his new single in Korean with an accompanying dance featuring “some sports move”. The K-pop veteran has said he wants a solo comeback single to prove he can have similar success as “Gangnam Style” without the help of another big name. Can he deliver a song that crosses language barriers…AGAIN?!”

Girls’ Generation is currently promoting their newest comeback song “I Got A Boy” in Korea, with the music video having surpassed the 30 million mark on YouTube within just two weeks. PSY on the other hand is currently working on his next album which is expected to include both Korea and English tracks, set for a February or March release.


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