snsd in radio star

Girls’ Generation brought laughter as they did their best cooperating with one another to make sure they would not fall victim to the frank questions thrown at them by the ‘Radio Star‘ MCs.

As the show and the MCs are well known for being quite direct and aggressive with their questions, the girls worked together to steer the topic of discussion as the MCs brought up the subject about the girls looking different now than in their music video for “Dancing Queen“, which was shot 4 years ago.

Before the MCs could fully finish their question, Yuri was quick to speak, commenting, “But if you watch it again…” At her hurried comment, her fellow members as well as the MCs laughed and pointed out, “Why is Yuri stopping us from talking?”

Yuri became flustered but continued with her comment, stating, “It’s the same concept as when ‘Gee‘ came out“. Yoo Se Yoon answered back, “We’re not talking about how things look the same, we’re talking about things looking different,” once again trying to steer back to the original topic about the members’ looks having changed since 4 years ago.

However, Jessica lent her team a hand as she once again diverted away from the topic by commenting, “It was when we were really babies.” Yoo Se Yoon exclaimed, “I’m not saying you looked like babies!“.

The members remarked “This is not easy” as they laughed and once again tried to interfere with the determined Yoo Se Yoon by chiming in, “We look the same as when we did for ‘Gee’“, causing Yoo Se Yoon to explode: “We’re not talking about the ‘Gee’ period! We’re saying you look different from ‘I Got A Boy‘!“, bringing the whole studio to laughter and eventually moving onto a different subject.


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