4minute jihyun denies hyunsik relationship

4minute‘s Jihyun put rumors saying she’s in a relationship with ZE:A‘s Hyungsik to rest. There has been speculation that the two are dating ever since their appearance on the reality show ‘The Romantic & Idol‘.

Jihyun tweeted on the 24th, “Like Hyungsik said in his interview, we’re not in a relationship. Though I’m thankful to the fans [who like seeing us together], I keep receiving mentions about it, so I want to be honest. Yes, ‘The Romantic & Idol’ was an unscripted reality program! We’ve decided to retain a noona-dongseng relationship. I ask that you support us in the future as well.”

Hyungsik previously stated in an interview with tvN that the two were not an item. When asked, he said, “No, [we’re not together]. We cheer each other on, and give each other advice.”

Were you a fan of the Jihyun-Hyungsik couple during ‘The Romantic & Idol’?


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