cn blue share through about snsd i got a boy

CNBLUE shared their thoughts on Girls’ Generation‘s “I Got A Boy“.

The boys held a press conference for their mini album ‘Re:BLUE‘, and were asked about “I Got A Boy”. Yonghwa said, “It’s my personal opinion, but I really like Girls’ Generation’s song. It’s a song that they can do because they’re Girls’ Generation, and they can experiment with new things because they are Girls’ Generation. Even if you’re someone who makes that type of music that song is hard to create.”

He further explained, “People may be conflicted because it’s a dramatic song, but I thought they could handle it because they are Girls’ Generation.”

Jungshin spoke up and said, “We wondered who could pull off the song if they weren’t Girls’ Generation. We had a lot of thought about it, too. It’s quite a unique song.”

Jonghyun added, “When I first heard the song, I thought, ‘Huh, what is this?’. But when I saw the stage, I thought, ‘These people really are different’.” Yonghwa joked, “It’s like everyone else has black hair, but they have mint hair.”


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