yoona snsd highest income member in snsd

On the latest episode of MBC‘s ‘Radio Star‘, Girls’ Generation confirmed that YoonA is indeed the member who earns the highest income among all nine members.

When asked, “YoonA was ranked #1 in earnings among the team. Is it true that YoonA is #1?”, all of the members nodded and confirmed the fact.

MC Yoo Se Yoon then asked, “How do you know these things?”, and Hyoyeon responded, “Isn’t it very obvious?” Sensing Hyoyeon’s uneasiness when responding, MC Kim Kook Jin fired back, “Hyoyeon sshi, did you just come back from a fight somewhere?”, and MC Kyuhyun added, “Hyoyeon seems to get a little emotional when talking about income”, bursting everyone into laughter.

The MCs also pointed out, “If there’s a #1 in ranking, there’s also a #9 in ranking”, to which the other eight members looked down and stated, “We’re all pretty much the same.”


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