TaeTiSeo to leave their MC positions on ‘Music Core’ later this month

Following the news of UEE stepping down from ‘Music Bank‘, it’s been announced that TaeTiSeo (Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun) will be leaving their MC positions on ’Music Core‘ after one year on the show.

The unforgettable trio will stand on the MC stage for the last time and give their farewell greeting to viewers sometime during the middle of this month. The reason for their leave is due to their busy schedules, which is to be expected, and thus, the ‘Music Core’ team is currently in the process of casting replacement MCs.

So it seems we’ll be saying goodbye to familiar faces and saying hello to fresh faces on several music programs starting this month, along with a change in format for ‘Music Core’, which will implement its new ranking system.

KARA’s Seungyeon does not share her appearance fee with members?

KARA’s Han Seungyeon revealed that the appearance fee for ‘TV Animal Farm’ is not shared with other members.

On SBS Challenge 1000 Songs on the 3rd said “Today I participated (in this show) as ‘TV Animal Farm’ MC. I never dreamed that I can make an appearance like this”

MC Lee Hwijae asked about the appearance fee for ‘TV Animal Farm’ and Han Seungyeon revealed that she only split the fee with the company and she tooks the rest.

On this ‘Challenge 1000 Songs’ Han Seungyeon, Park Eunji and Park Eunsil, Cultwo, Noh Woojin, Byun Seungyoon, Baek Ahyeon make an appearance and shows their singing skill

B.A.P releases Bang Yong Guk and Himchan’s teaser photos for “One Shot”

After unveiling the preview track “Rain Sound”, B.A.P is finally gearing up for its official return by releasing two teaser photos for its upcoming mini album, “One Shot”.

On February 5, TS Entertainment released two teaser photos featuring members Bang Yong Guk and Himchan clad in sleek black suits with grave expressions on their faces. The teasers show dark atmosphere, hinting for a charismatic and manly concept.

The mini album of the same name includes 5 tracks and will be released on February 12th. A music video teaser for “One Shot” will be revealed on February 8.

new girl group purplay

New girl group Purplay is getting ready to greet the public with their debut on the 7th, but before they do so, they’ve unveiled some photos to introduce themselves.

Their label revealed that Purplay is a 4-membered girl group that has powerful performance and vocal skills. The members are Woomi, Jiyo, Eeple, and Seolha.

Leader Woomi (1992) has powerful dance and rapping skills. Jiyo (1993) owns a powerful voice. She is also a great dancer, and she had made many dance teams to participate in dance competitions since she was in high school. Eeple (1993) is skilled as a vocalist as well as a rapper, and maknae Seolha (1994) is into hip hop and a skilled dancer, raking in several awards before her debut.

Their label said, “The Purplay girls look like fragile girls, but they’re a new-concept idol that will show you a powerful, intense dance performance that you haven’t seen before in girl groups. They were trainees for over 4 years so they can put on a charismatic stage through rap and dance that even men will have a hard time following.”

Their debut song is titled “Love and Remember“, a medium tempo electronic pop song.